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Hello Kitty Online and Charity
Hello Kitty has always been associated with kindness and helping people, and here at Hello Kitty Online our mission is to extend this kindness with online gaming. We want to give our players the chance to have a positive impact on the real world. In order to achieve that goal, Hello Kitty Online holds in-game events tin which player participation determines the overall contribution to various charitable causes.

Since beta, Hello Kitty Online has touched many lives all over the world.  Here are some of our past charity events - we hope you will join us for the many more to come!

Food For Friends Logo
Food for Friends 1
Food for Friends was Hello Kitty Online's first foray into charity, held while the game was still in beta. The event was a resounding success, with players crafting and donating thousands of in-game food items.  For each virtual food item received, Hello Kitty Online donated a fixed amount to charity, resulting in a total of US$ 12,273 donated to UNICEF and the Asian Youth Orchestra.

HKO Helping Hearts 

Helping Hearts
Following the success of Food for Friends, Helping Hearts asked players to craft hundreds of special in-game clothing items to benefit an orphanage.  Based on the contributions made by each guild taking part in the event, Hello Kitty Online donated limited edition Hello Kitty Football Cup shirts and bags (183 shirts and 84 bags) to the Po Leung Kuk residential childcare unit. The children thanked HKO players with adorable cards.

HKO Toy Drive 
Hello Kitty Online Toys for Tots 2009 
During the Holiday Season of 2009, Hello Kitty Online players from the US & Canada collected various in-game items to craft special in-game toys.  For each in-game toy crafted by the players, Hello Kitty Online donated real world toys to the Toys For Tots organization.

Food for Friends 2 
Food for Friends 2
The 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster left thousands of Haitians homeless.  Hello Kitty Online organized a special in-game event to bring attention to this natural disaster and to provide aid.  HKO players were very eager to help, crafting an amazing 1,248,257 special in-game items.  Based on this effort from our players, Hello Kitty Online and publishers donated over US$ 18,000 to Doctors Without Borders, providing aid to Haiti earthquake victims.


Chocolate Harbour Rescue
After a huge spill at an offshore chocolate refinery, players were challenged in Chocolate Harbour Rescue to clean up Sanrio Harbour, which had been overrun by rogue snack bars and covered in chocolate goo. Players' cleanup efforts were tracked and converted into donations towards two current events: the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and massive floods in Pakistan. Based on this calculation Sanrio Digital donated US$ 5,972.94 to UNICEF (providing aid in Pakistan) and US$ 5,972.94 to Oceana (researching the ecological impact of the oil spill).