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Designer Depot (Hat Version)
Monday, 22 December 2008

Ever wanted to leave your mark on a persistent game world? You walk around the game world and say "Hey, I did that!" Now is your chance! Now, now... this event is for the guilds. So, if you're not in one, band up with a couple of guildless adventure because this sure is worth it!

You have less than 24 hours to come up with ideas for a design for your own guild hat! Awesome huh? The costs for each shirt will depend on the number of colors of your design. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold
  3. Additional colors: If you want to add more colors, the cost goes up exponentially:
    • 1st color: 500 gold
    • 2nd color: 1000 gold
    • 3rd color: 2000 gold
    • 4th color: 4000 gold
    • ... You get the idea
  4. Design: 750 gold (if you're going for a more elaborate design)
  5. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  6. Vat: 10%

This cost is per hat. If your guild has 200 players, and all of them wants a hat, they have to pony up the money

It can get pretty complicated so here's a scenario for you guys:

Let's say "The Tour Bus" guild, which has 10 members, wants to make a hat shirt with a flaming school bus on it, the price breakdown would be:

  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold (Red)
  3. 3 additional colors: 500 + 1,000 + 2,000 = 3,500 gold (Orange, Yellow and Black)
  4. Design: 750 gold (since we're using a silkscreen to actually put a design on the shirt)
  5. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  6. Gross Cost: 5,050 gold
  7. VAT: 505 gold
  8. Cost per shirt: 5,555 gold
  9. Total cost for the guild: 5,555 x 10 = 55,550
Here's a simpler scenario wherein you don't use a design:
  1. Fabric: 400 gold
  2. Base shirt color: 250 gold (Blue)
  3. 2 additional colors: 500 + 1000 = 1,500 gold (Black, White)
  4. Labor Cost: 150 gold
  5. Gross Cost: 2,300 gold
  6. VAT: 230 gold
  7. Cost per shirt: 2,530 gold
  8. Total cost for the guild: 2,530 x 10 = 25,300

Guild leaders/representatives and will be responsible for collecting payments from members. GMs will start collecting on 9PM EST on Dec. 22, '08.

Wait for an upcoming announcement regarding the submission of designs per guild. Alright, guilds, pool your creative juices together and start crankin'!