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Helping Hearts Charity Guild Event!
Thursday, 19 February 2009

Following the success of the Founders' Beta event "Food for Friends", Hello Kitty Online proudly announces "Helping Hearts", in which players have another chance to turn in-game effort into real assistance for those in need.

Helping Hearts

Start: 21:00 (9PM) EST on February 19, 2009

End: 22:00 (10PM) EST on Sunday, February 22, 2009

Event Type: Guild contest; charity

Objective: An orphanage needs your help! The objective of your guild is to craft as many special event shirts and bags as possible before the end of the event. Hand them over to a GM. We will then count your submissions and donate three (3) times the number of shirts and items to an orphanage.

These are the shirts and bags (limited edition Hello Kitty Football Cup):

Hello Kitty Football Cup Shirt

Hello Kitty Football Cup Bag

Mechanics: see “How it works” below.

Item guide books distribution: daily from 21:00 (9 PM) to 23:59 (11:59 PM) EST.

Shirts and bags collection time: from 17:00 (5PM) to 22:00 (10PM) EST, February 22, 2009

How it works:

  1. You need guide books to craft the 2 special event items. GMs will provide the guide books to no more than 5 representatives of each guild (each representative receives 4 unique guide books). The guide books are as follows:
    • Shirt:
      • Shirt Fabric Guide
      • Helping Hearts Charity Shirt Guide
    • Bag:
      • Bag Fabric Guide
      • Helping Hearts Charity Bag Guide
  2. Guide books will be distributed by GMs daily from 21:00 (EST) to 23:59 (EST). Guild representatives may approach or send a private message to the assigned Game Master(s). Assigned GMs will announce their presence at the start of distribution time.
  3. The required shirts and bags are not easy to make and will require teamwork. Guild members will have to work together to gather the resources needed, and pass them to players who have learned the guide books and who are thus able to craft the special items. There are some of the resources needed:
    • Silk
    • Red Dye
    • Soft Cotton (crafted variety)
    • Thread
    • Zippers
    • Straps
  4. The exact quantities needed and the 2 mystery ingredients will be revealed to players who use the guide books.
  5. Players can submit the crafted shirts and bags to GMs at collection time on February 22, 2009, from 17:00 to 22:00 (EST). Guild representatives must send a private message to the assigned Game Master and arrange to hand over the crafted items. Collections will be organized in the order of private messages received by the GM, so it may take several minutes before a GM is available to collect your goods.
  6. After a guild is done with their submissions, the GM will announce his or her count for the guild representatives to confirm. After this confirmation the count is considered final.
  7. The results will be posted on the official event blog after the end of this special HKO event.

Please note that HKO will be taken down at 23:00 (11PM) EST on February 22, 2009.


The victors will be calculated by total item value. Shirts are harder to make but have a proportionately higher value than bags. If you don’t have much time or resources, you may want to make bags rather than shirts.

The top guild will be rewarded with a permanent spot on the official Hello Kitty Online website. An interview with the guild leader and 2 other representatives will also be posted on the page, so other players may learn more about the guild and their contribution to this event.

Two runners up will also be rewarded with an appearance on the web site and publication of interviews with the guild leader or other representative.

Players of Hello Kitty Online: go forth and work for a good cause! Thank you in advance for your generous contributions, and we hope you enjoy this event. And remember: helping those in need can be done at any time and any place!

(Modified February 21, 2009 to reflect the "triple boost" update)