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Helping Hearts: Final Results
Monday, 02 March 2009

We’d like to congratulate and thank everyone who participated in the Helping Hearts special charity event. Each item you crafted and donated is deeply appreciated, and we would like to take this time to recognize all our donors for their generous contributions.

Below are the final contest results. Winners were calculated by item value, which was proportional to the difficulty of the item.

Winner 1

HKO Founders


20 shirts

Winner 2

Coffee Shoppe

6 shirts

6 shirts

Winner 3


5 shirts, 1 bag

5 shirts, 1 bag


(In no particular order)


Charmmy Kitties

Tiger Melody

Super Cute

I ♥ Hello Kitty

HKO Anonymous

Pirate Guild

Giving for the sake of giving



Twin Starrs

Vampire Kittens

30 shirts, 27 bags

30 shirts, 27 bags

Total items submitted by players: 61 shirts, 28 bags

Triple-Boost Bonus: x3 Limited edition items donated by Sanrio Digital: 183 shirts, 84 bags

We will be contacting the winners in order to organize interviews, so guild leaders and guild representatives should watch their email accounts!

The details of the institution and the children who will receive the limited edition Hello Kitty shirts and bags will be released as soon as we clear a couple of corporate requirements for public announcement. Watch this space in the coming week for more news!

Our sincere thanks to the winners and all the people and guilds who joined us in this cause. Once again, the players of Hello Kitty Online have left their mark on the gaming world by showing that they eagerly donate their time and effort to benefit the less fortunate. We look forward to joining hands with you again in our next event!

The Hello Kitty Online Team