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Food for Friends Results: Total Item Count
Saturday, 08 November 2008

During the last collection period for our in-game charity event "Food for Friends", we experienced the biggest donation effort by our guilds in the entire event! As you all know, our charity event is now over, and it’s right about time for us to show some results. But before the big one, we would like to show you first just how many items we’ve collected over 5 days, through 9 collection periods. The numbers are truly astounding!


Food for Friends: Total Items

The combined effort of all our participating guilds has given us a total of 344,965 crafted food items — each one produced from the players' own time, in-game money and effort. We would never have imagined such numbers, but this goes to show what kind of players walk the streets of Sanrio Land.

The more detailed results will be posted very soon, including a conversion system and the value that Sanrio Digital will be donating to UNICEF and the Asian Youth Orchestra, based on the items you have given. Stay tuned, for we will be making history!

We thank you all again for your participation!