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Hello Kitty Online players raise over 12,000 USD for UNICEF and AYO
Saturday, 08 November 2008

In a wonderful statement to the entire gaming world, the players of Hello Kitty Online show what they’re made of, by pulling together their time and resources for a good cause. Through the in-game charity event “Food for Friends” held from November 3-6, 2008, our players contributed a total of 344,965 different food items from registered guilds, and an additional 894 items from some who just wanted to help! As promised, Sanrio Digital will be donating over 12,000 USD to UNICEF and the Asian Youth Orchestra.

As stated in the mechanics of this event, our main focus in this event is not sheer amount of items, but the effort required to produce them, as a labor of love. And though our previous results showed only item totals, it’s time for us to see just how much these items translate to in the real-world!

Total Values in USD

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Among the factors for calculating the equivalents are the type, source and availability of ingredients needed, the time it takes in general to make the item, and the effort that a player must put into making them.

Next, we will be posting the results we know you’ve also been waiting for — our biggest givers, the top 4 guilds, and the list of all our guilds who have contributed and just how much money they helped raise for this cause.

We will be posting the receipts of the deposits made to UNICEF and AYO soon. Once again, we would like to thank all those who participated in this event, for working together, and for waiting in line just to make sure that we get your contributions. We’re all very proud of you! Whatever the results tomorrow, let us all remember what this is truly about — giving! Good luck all!