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Food for Friends: Final Results
Monday, 10 November 2008

Now, it’s time to announce the biggest givers in our very special charity event! We know that many of you already know what the standings are, but we would like to formally recognize our top 4 guilds, and all guilds who have worked hard to contribute to this cause. So here they are, without further ado!

Gold Sponsors

HKO Founders
4294.14 USD
3755.137 USD

Silver Sponsors

1495.16 USD
Is Awesome!!!
1334.586 USD

Bronze Sponsors

Twin Starrs
Tiger Melody
Super Cute
Pirate Guild
I ❤ Hello Kitty
Charmmy Kitties
Mean Girls
Bad Lad Gang
Moonlight Blessing

And a special thanks to guild Tokidoki for their contribution, even if they were not registered for the event. The exact figures for each guild are posted on the SanrioTown forums.

We congratulate all of you for a wonderful job, and we thank you yet again for your selfless contributions! We hope that this is one memory of Founders’ Beta that remains with you until the next time we see each other in-game! :)