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HKO Toys For Tots 2010 event details
Wednesday, 01 December 2010

HKO US & Canada server: on December 1-8, 2010, give Christmas presents to less fortunate children – for free!


Hello Kitty Online has joined forces with Toys for Tots to give HKO players the chance to brighten up a child’s Christmas this year. This event is available only on the US & Canada server (we are working to bring similar initiatives to other servers). Keep reading to learn more.

How does HKO Toys For Tots work?

You must collect one set of specific items and hand them in to a Game Master (GM). One set consists of all the following items:

  • 30 Big Splinters
  • 50 Greenwing’s Little Feathers
  • 10 High-Quality Cottons
  • 40 Brushtail's Comforts
  • 50 Soft Woods
  • 50 Chestnut Tree Woods
  • 20 Pure Crystals
  • 10 Beetil's Powders
  • 30 Leaftail's Slimes
  • 50 Cherry Tree Woods

Some of these items come from monsters, some are farmed, some are mined, and some are gathered. Cooperate with your friends and guild to find out how to obtain all the items in the best manner. When you have a complete set (of all the above items) you can hand it in to a GM during one of the scheduled hand-in times.

Players who give GMs at least one (1) set consisting of all the above items will receive a Colorful Teddy Bear as badge of honor and participation (1 teddy bear per set, 1 teddy bear per player). For each set of items, Hello Kitty Online will make a contribution to Toys for Tots, meaning that a less fortunate child will receive a Christmas present this holiday every time you hand in a set.

GM Hand-in Schedule

Sets must be traded to GMs one complete set at a time (no partial hand-ins will be accepted). GMs will collect your sets in Sanrio Harbour, near Nyoko, at the following times:

  • Sunday December 5, 2010 at 8 PM –12 AM (EST)
  • Tuesday December 7, 2010 at 9 PM –12 AM (EST)
  • Wednesday December 8, 2010 at 9 PM –12 AM (EST)

If you cannot make any of the scheduled hand-in times, please arrange a personal trade time by sending a private message (PM) to any of the Game Masters online from December 6 to 8, 2010.

Our commitment to Toys For Tots

After the event is over, Sanrio Digital will count the total player submissions and make a corresponding contribution to Toys for Tots on behalf of HKO and its US & Canada players. Remember: every set handed in means one more present for a child in need. There is no limit on the number of sets you can hand in. Thanks to your efforts, many children will receive new toys this Christmas!

NOTE: you must be on the US/Canada server to participate in this event. Download HKO now and play for a worthy cause!

Toys for Tots is sponsored by Sanrio Digital and Tara Toy Corporation.

Items to help you collect more faster!

Speed up your in-game progress and donate more at the Toys for Tots 2010 charity event with these premium items found at the Item Mall:

 Item Name
 Preview Description Cash Points
2X Experience 
 Double the XP you receive for the next 2 hours!  35
3X Mining Speed
 Collect minerals 3 times faster for the next 2 hours!  25
3X Gathering Speed
 Gather plants and flowers 3 times faster for the next 2 hours!
3X Woodcutting Speed
 Chop wood 3 times faster for the next 2 hours!
Instant Farm Fertilization
Instantly fertilize your entire farm!
Instant Farm Watering
 Instantly water your entire farm!


Based on the efforts of HKO players, Sanrio Digital donated 308 toys worth US$ 2,012.92 to the Toys for Tots campaign. The toys were delivered on December 9, 2010, and given to children in need for the Christmas holiday. Click here to view the letter of receipt and thanks, as well as a detailed breakdown of the donation. Thank you for contributing to this event!

The Hello Kitty Online Team